Private View
12 December 2016, 6:30pm to 8:30pm bar drinks till late
Exhibition open to the public until to 29 January 2017

8-10 Queensberry Place, London, SW7 2EA

PV is kindly sponsored by Four Roses Bourbon, mixology by 100 Kensington


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We are delighted to announce our latest collaboration with Art of Treason.

Exhibition includes artists Nettie Wakefield (London), Kelly Blevins (Pittsburgh USA), John Simpson (Brighton), Ian Hodgson (Brighton).


Nettie Wakefield: Spotted by Damien Hirst and recently invited by Banksy to show her ‘Reverse Potraits’ at Dismaland. Nettie is currently in LA preparing for her first solo show in 2017.

Kelly Blevins: Has been steadily building a UK presence through her provocative but beautifully drawn Art. Kelly will be flying in from the States to sign her limited edition prints on the night. Her first trip abroad!

Ian Hodgson: Winner of ‘The finest Drawing Award’ in the National Open Art Competition, Ian his best known for his Angels and Mirrorball’s and will be releasing an exclusive print for the show especially.

John Simpson: Known for his powerful and poetic prints and drawings, John’s work has developed a strong International following of collectors including other artists. His work has graced the cover of number 1 selling album ‘Falling Empires’ by Snow Patrol.


Art of Treason is an online gallery dedicated to promoting and selling the work of the very best cutting-edge artists from Sussex and beyond. Specialising in ‘challenging’ art, we represent a roster of artists who are at the forefront of the contemporary art scene. As well as our website presence, we exhibit at shows, fairs and ‘pop-up’ galleries, host art parties and other events.

AOT is constantly on the lookout for new Artists whose work sets our hearts racing. If that sounds like you, please contact us.


‘TRANSIENT’ by Nick Lewin launches on 15 March 2015

These images of roses on the brink of decay offer far more than simply a celebration of beauty. What gives the series it’s haunting edge is Lewin’s fascination with transience. For in addition to the untarnished perfection of the new bloom, these images record the first tinges of decay – the earliest intimations of mortality. In doing so he captures a paradox; fixed by celluloid, the ephemeral – the moment of transition from life to death – is fixed for ever. And as a result, in these elegiac and timeless portraits, we are able to stand for a moment and contemplate the impermanence of all living things. In exploring this theme, Lewin draws on a central preoccupation of both Eastern and Western philosophy.

Show opens on 8th March and runs until 9 May 2016. For more details please contact Fiona de Rose: + 44 7935 740 323

Nick Lewin Transient

PLEASURES OF THE GAZE curated by Luciana Garbarni launches on 26 November

http://www.gallerynyne.co.uk/The Exhibitionist Evite (2)















FRIEZE WEEK: ‘The Garden Of Earthly Delights’ launches on 15 October 2015 at The Exhibitionist Hotel

“The doughnut had to be pink with wobbly icing, and a hole in the centre big enough for someone to play from..”

London, 15th October 2015 – The Exhibitionist Hotel announces the launch of ‘The Garden Of Earthly Delights’ a group show based on the controversial painting by 15th Century artist, Hieronymus Bosch. This collection features work by Banksy, Cléon Daniel, LoVeNeoN, Dai Toyofuku, David Hollier, Damien Hirst, Harland Miller, Le Gun, LoVeNeon, Roberto Lombana, Shuster + Moseley, Sir Peter Blake and STIK. The exhibition is a contemporary reflection on the earthly delights and temptations of human existence.

The hotel is transformed into an interactive, fantastical, sensory experience for the wanderer – namely – ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’. A neon Garden of Eden, the hotel is populated by Warhol-esque flowers and neon birds of paradise. The world’s first banana pool table and the ‘never-seen-before’ doughnut pool table are on display. Breaking and playing on the intricate symbolism of the original painting’s panorama of Paradise and Paradise Lost, this self assured collection invites curiosity and wonder. It is a ‘walk through’ of bold works brought together to engage the senses and provoke, delight, awe, wonder, critique, social and political observation as well as heady unease in a vibrant, holistic and nonjudgemental arrangement – celebrating the shifting mindset of contemporary art and the human condition through material culture.

Reflecting upon the triptych theme of the painting, it takes you from colour, to play, to monochrome. Urban myth and interlocking narratives are lit by a verdant neon landscape, populated by flora and fauna provided by leading creative design studio LoVeNeoN. Green grape vines climbing the ceiling of the lobby are accompanied by flamingoes and caged birds, whilst ‘GROW NEON’ and ‘URBAN JUNGLE’ text cascade down the hotel walls.

Traditionally, the role of neon once served for signage pointing the way to good times, late nights and illicit places. Here the bright red neon represents themes of lust and temptations of the flesh.

Interactive, colourful, play furniture designer and inventor of ‘unventions’, Cléon Daniel will unveil his new creation, ‘The Doughnut Pool Table’ which follows the launch of ‘The Banana Pool Table’ – a duo of bold and fun pool table concepts. According to the artist doughnuts are.. “symbolic of temptation in today’s world, and mass produced in endless variety to feed a tempted public”. They are everywhere, for everyone, good for you, bad for you, and fun. These pieces have shock value and provoke honest reactions and critique. Cléon Daniel also commented….”The doughnut” had to be pink with wobbly icing, and a hole in the centre big enough for someone to play from.“Daniels’, the inventor of ‘unventions’ displays a unique series of everyday design objects including the surreal “Corner Ladder” and status driven “TW Luxury bag”. The boldness of his work explores functionality and social ‘value’ of everyday produce, designed to provoke honest critique through ‘shock value’ and playful interaction of colour, shape, size and texture.

The theme of interactive play is continued with Shuster + Moseley’s, site specific installation and sculpture which uses transparent media, particularly glass, as interfaces to explore the nature of virtuality and perception. Engaging its ‘light’ surrounding environment it enhances the fantasy of the hotel’s interior garden.

In contrast a collection of monochrome paintings and drawings by key contemporary artists interplay with the light by providing politically charged shadow. Borrowing John Cooper Clarke’s turn of phrase, “….it’s a sociologist’s paradise….” David Hollier’s, Harland Miller’s ‘This is where it’s Fuckin at’ and Sir Peter Blake’s work contribute stark images, revelling in predatory word play and language; whilst Roberto Lombana’s kaleidoscopic cityscapes and Damien Hirst’s work give a familiar a visual cacophony. Street artist, Banksy, ‘power to the people’ STIK and Le Gun, provide contemporary energetic scenes of urban legend. Together they create an eclectic and unholy mix of diversity and social narrative. Amidst the oversized fruit and unusual semi organic forms of Bosch’s original, the fantastical animals are echoed in Dai Toyofuku’s beautifully large scale drawings of species of insects. These monochromes quietly reinforce the playful subversion of expectations throughout the exhibitions’s innovative use of modern media.

The exhibition comes to mark the beginning of Frieze week, the general public will be able to enjoy the exhibition for one month only. “Garden Of Earthly Delights” private view and group exhibitions will launch at The Exhibitionist Hotel on 15th October at 18:00 – 20:00.


NATHAN BROWNING’s “Ronnie Wood-The Rolling Stones” & BBC DRAGON’s DEN WINNER GUY PORTELLI’s ‘Pop Icon’ sculptures The Exhibitionist Hotel
July 9th – August 9th

Nathan Browning (Photographer): “The exhibition is an intimate portrait of Ronnie Wood and illuminates his warm, charismatic personality and his sense of fun. I am so proud to have been given the opportunity to work with one of my heroes.”

The Exhibitionist Hotel in London today announced the launch of “London Seen” an exclusive “Ronnie Wood – The Rolling Stones”, photographic exhibition, sponsored by Crown Royal Whisky. The never-seen-before pictures of the Rolling Stones’ guitarist shot by his personal friend and photographer Nathan Browning will go on display at The Exhibitionist Hotel from the 8th July 2015.
The month long exhibition will also see BBC2’s Dragons’ Den winner displaying his ‘Pop Icon’ sculptures that helped him win £80,000 investment from Peter Jones, James Caan and Theo Paphitis in 2008. Sculptures of Elton John, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix and The Spice Girls amongst others will support the headline act of The Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood exclusive images.



PROUDLY SPONSORED BY CROWN ROYAL WHISKY[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Le Gun.

Established in 2004, art collective LE GUN create idiosyncratic imagery which blends a punk, occult, pop and surrealist aesthetic. As well as being the producers of their cult self-titled magazine, the group is internationally recognised for their enigmatic installations and art shows. Their corporate clients include Paul Smith, British Fashion Awards, D&AD, Belvedere Vodka, Metro newspaper, and Duffer of St. George.


Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 01.50.43


‘Trash City’ by Dotmasters

‘TRASH CITY’ by Dotmasters challenges our contemporary perception of luxury, status and conscience. Brands and London’s black plastic bin-bags are combined to create a new juxtaposition of aspiration items: the Chanel bag next to Gucci with rubbish and waste boldly displayed as a backdrop. The Dotmaster theme creates Warhol-inspired artworks mocking the way in which we now measure worth.


Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 01.57.22



Louis-Nicolas Darbon

‘The Lollypop Girl’ by Louis-Nicolas Darbon will be going up in the central staircase at the Hotel. Towering almost 10 meters tall the artist will paint the mural directly onto the wall. Already a successful illustrator for a global fashion organisation, Darbon again merges several worlds, with art and fashion colliding.


Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 01.56.54


Marianna Thome

Marianna’s focus is on psychiatric and medical topics and their repercussion on human beings, for better or for worse. ‘My interdisciplinary pieces explore the fine line between tragedy and comedy and aspire to arouse the spectator’s curiosity through subtle use of dark humor’. The intention is to provoke self contemplation between the work and the spectator in a cloak of therapy.


Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 01.57.54


Jimmie Martin

Jimmie Karlsson and Martin Nihlmar are a duo of talented creatives more famously known as ‘Jimmie Martin’, the award-winning furniture design company based in Kensington, London. With 10 years experience in domestic and commercial design, working with high end and high profile clients discretion is key, so no name-dropping here.